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This website offers medical transcription resources, specifically transcribed medical transcription sample reports. These sample reports have been provided by experienced medical transcriptionists/proofreaders/editors.

All the medical transcription sample reports you would find in here have been proofread and edited by the proofreaders/editors who have submitted them, some of whom I know personally. Hence, I am pretty sure of their accuracy, but there might be minor errors/typos so do crosscheck with other reference sources as well.

Also, do note that these samples have been provided for reference purposes only and things such as template formatting, etc. may vary across clients. Ultimately, the client determines the specific formatting of a medical report and hence you would need to follow account specifics for the specific formatting needs.

I am sure though that this site would be immensely helpful as a reference site for medical transcriptionists. I would try to update this site as often as possible, so do check on it once in a while to catch up on the updates.

Do note that all personally identifiable information has been changed/removed from the sample reports on this site, such as doctor names, patient names, dates, etc. This of course has been done to protect patient privacy.

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